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Issue : 08

Then there’s Grace Burns. The daughter of Christy Turlington and Ed Burns, Grace has no doubt had model agents circling around her since she could walk. And now that she’s 18—and finally gotten the green light from mom to model—it’s a BIG moment for Grace and for fashion. But trust us when we report that the budding photographer/college student is at once up for everything and totally down to earth.
We also caught up with Martine Rose whose new Tommy Hilfiger denim collab is (let’s just say it again!) MEGA. Rose is a humanist: she is deeply interested in people and what she calls “ordinary realities”—and remains resolutely low-key despite all the industry attention shining her way. This summer she debuted her Nike Shox MR4 (a unisex hybrid sneaker/mule that is as weird and wonderful as it sounds); the rise of the big silhouette can be traced, in part, back to her work as a consultant for Balenciaga; and as we go to press rumors are swirling about her filling Virgil’s (enormous) shoes at Louis Vuitton. In the meantime, sign us up for those Tommy Hilfiger chaps!

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