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Twin Magazine

Twin Magazine

Issue : 27 Lara

Twin is a hardback biannual magazine which showcases disobedient, rebellious and visionary creative voices through art and cultural features. These are published alongside freshly commissioned fashion photography from the likes of Ben Weller, Cass Bird, Stef Mitchell and Boo George, featuring models such as Freja Beha Erichsen, Dree Hemingway, Hanne Gaby and Christina Kruse.
Fiercely independent since it was launched in 2009, Twin is a not for profit endeavour founded and headed up by ex-Lula magazine creative director Becky Smith, produced through collaboration with a passionate team of international editors including art editor Francesca Gavin, features director India Doyle, fashion editor Naomi Miller and contributing editor Isabella Davey.
Online, brings daily updates on international design, art, music, photography and fashion, as well as interviews with cultural innovators, led by Jordan Anderson.
We’ve always been about championing original thinking, and sustainability has become a key part of our creative approach. We’re committed to promoting eco friendly production, from the paper we use to encouraging zero-waste shoots.

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